• No matter how far the path will be, you have to take the first step.


Business Consulting

Face new (strategic) challenges in a constantly changing environment with a
competent pilot.

In order to ensure the long-term success of your company, the right positioning for (target) customers, the market and the competition is the key. This is especially true for start-ups and young companies, but even established companies cannot rest on their previous success.
In the day-to-day business, you and your company often have no time for these strategic discrepancies because the focus is on managing the current challenges.

I would be pleased to assist you with the important, long-term oriented issues. Start today.


  • Self-marketing of the entrepreneur, i.a. with an analysis of potentials
  • Review of business ideas or business plans
  • Analysis of target groups and competitors
  • Strengthening the company profile
  • Active support for corporate identity, strategies and marketing measures